St John the Baptist Church, Flitton
The regular pattern of services is shown on the left - although there are frequently changes, especially at festival times, so check the latest information on the Flitton home page for details.

Morning Worship is a tradtional morning service, with a modern liturgy, which takes about 45 minutes.

Choral Communion is a traditional communion service, but using a modern liturgy (liturgy means the service book with the words that are spoken). Those who have been confirmed can come up to the altar for the bread and wine, and those who haven't can come up for a blessing or are welcome to remain in their seats. Usually the choir will be there and some parts of the service will be sung. This usually lasts an hour.

Cafe Church is a new venture for 2017. The church will be open from 10:30 to around 12 noon, with refreshments available throughout -sometimes in the church hall - giving an opportunity to meet people, socialise and chat. There will be activities for children, and there will be a time for quiet reflection, led by the vicar, at around 11 am. Please come and join us, whether you are a church regular, occasional visitor, or totally new to us!

The Holy Communion service at 8:30 is from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, but there are no hymns or singing and takes only around 30 minutes. It makes a good start to a Sunday for those who have a hectic day ahead.
1st Sunday: Morning Worship at 11 am

2nd Sunday: Communion at 9:30 am

3rd Sunday: Cafe Church, with refreshments and children's activities, 10:30 to 12 noon

4th Sunday: Holy Communion (BCP) at 8.30am, sometimes followed by Parish Breakfast

5th Sunday: United Benefice service at 10 am (all three churches together)
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Services at Flitton